We may not know what questions you have, but here are some of the common questions we get asked by potential affiliate schools about the Campeão United Jiu-Jitsu Association 

Jason Brake

Bushido MMA 

My coaches are loving the curriculum. It has been great dealing with the coaches and getting different views other than just me saying hey this is how classes should run. 


Gary Schill

Peak Performance Martial Arts

I have owned a school for over 25 years and have been looking for resources and support for my BJJ instructors; I was blown away. I can not say enough about Campeão's system.


Tristian Thompson

Future Martial Arts

So glad we decied to join Campeão. I was nervous about being a Karate school,  like we would feel out of place or laughed at. Instead, our experience has been amazing. The support is wonderful. The coaching programs are great.