Rooted In Brazil.
Developed In America.

Traditional Brazilian jiu-jitsu organizations have become stagnant over the years, lacking not only in modern jiu-jitsu development, standards, curriculum, instructor training, but in offering resources to help school owners develop and grow their academies. 

Campeão United Jiu-Jitsu Association is different. Lead by our black belt council of 4 American Black Belts and 7th degree coral belt Master Leão Teixeira, we combine strong Brazilian roots, modern American jiu-jitsu and cutting edge business practices. This fusion of "new school" and "old school" has created a unique and dynamic experience for our affiliate schools.

Learn About The Campeão Way

Structured Curriculum Programming

Campeão's affiliate academies receive monthly gi & no-gi curriculum for adults and kids covering everything from coaching principles to drills and games.

Ranking and Testing Standards 

The core of Campeão's jiu-jitsu program is clear standards & requiements for all ranks from white belt to black belt for both gi & no-gi and how to test students.

Business Systems and Operational Support

We want to help your academy thrive on and off the mats! We offer weekly business calls, quarterly meetings, sales training, best practices & more. 

Instructor Development and Certification

Campeão's Instructor Development and Certification course is designed to help you and your coaches learn not only what to teach but HOW to teach.

Learning & Development at Your Fingertips

Campeão United Jiu-Jitsu's online portal gives you access to 2500+ videos ranging from our technique library, curriculums, instructionals, business trainings and more...all at your fingertips through our app or on your computer. Click below for a FREE preview of our affiliate portal!



We believe that becoming a successful and effective Jiu-Jitsu instructor isn’t just about knowing how to do an armbar or how to set up a triangle; and it’s also not about assuming that great instructors are always athletes who have reached a high belt rank. Some of the worst instructors that we have seen are multiple degree black belts. 

To help ensure Campeão's affiliate academies offer the highest level of instruction to their students, our Black Belt Council has developed an industry leading Instructor Development & Certification program which covers everything from coaching theories to leadership principles. This means that Campeão is developing industry leading jiu-jitsu coaches, and so do our affiliates.

When you combine our Instructor Development & Certification program with our monthly curriculum, quarterly affiliate camps, live weekly coaching sessions, one-on-one mentorships, and regular seminars, the result is a winning combination for our affiliate academies.

Campeão Provides All The Tools & Systems Needed To Build A Successful Jiu-Jitsu Program On & Off the Mat

With progressive and evolving curriculums, coaching development & certification programs, weekly coaching calls, ranking & testing standards, LEO programs & certifications, marketing, and operations support, Campeão provides the most complete jiu-jitsu affiliation in the industry.



Developed by LEOs & the Campeão Council, our in-depth law enforcement program covers everything from retention, detention, best practices & More AND offers a certification process.


Our youth jiu-jitsu system provides everything needed to run a successful program: Age specific curriculum, games, drills, mat chats, oaching certifications, & More.


We want to you to be successful on and off the mats. We provide done for you ads, best practice coaching, marketing support, sales systems & More to grow your academy.


Learn from a lifetime of training. Weekly calls with Campeão's coaches & staff provides guidance and support to help navigate the challenges of life on and off the mats.


Whether you are a dedicated jiu-jitsu school, a garage gym, a small program running out of a local recreation center, or a traditional martial arts school looking to add a jiu-jitsu program - Campeão United Jiu-Jitsu Association's programs WILL work for you and you WILL thrive.

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